Clinical Study Qualification

In order to participate in a clinical trial, a patient must pass the qualification process - this means that he/she must meet a number of criteria set by the Sponsor.

The time when these criteria are checked is called the "screening period" or "screening".

Every clinical study has its own unique criteria, but some of them can be considered universal, and these include:

Signing the informed consent form and the willingness and ability to adapt to the schedule of study ... (zobacz więcej)
Melita Medical clinical study qualification

Melita Medical clinical study qualification

In our Medical Center, the initial qualification for a clinical trial begins during a medical visit - first, the doctor checks the patient's medical record in terms of the duration of the disease, previous treatment, and concomitant diseases. If the doctor decides that we currently offer a treatment that could be a good solution for the patient (better than standard pharmacotherapy), he initially discusses with him the basic aspects related to the course of the study and issues an Informed C... (zobacz więcej)