prof. dr hab. Elżbieta Poniewierka

prof. dr hab. Elżbieta Poniewierka

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The many years of professional, scientific, and teaching experience of Prof. Poniewierka has been associated with the Department and Clinic of Gastroenterology and Hepatology of the Medical University of Wrocław since the beginning of her career, of which she is currently the Head.

Obtained professional and academic titles:

  • 1986 – specialization in internal medicine
  • 1988 – the academic title of Doctor of medical sciences
  • 1991 – specialization in gastroenterology
  • 2006 – academic title of doktor habilitowany
  • 2018 – acedemic title of profesor doktor habilitowany

Active and passive participant in many scientific and training conferences and workshops in Poland and abroad. She has gained many years of professional experience in open and hospital treatment as well as endoscopic diagnostics. A valued academic tutor.

Author and co-author of several dozen literature items in domestic and foreign journals, as well as the author of chapters in textbooks and professional literature.